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All You Need to Know About Kratom Strains

The scientific name of kratom plant is Mitragyna speciosa. In Southeast Asia Kratom plant has been used and this is due to its medicinal properties. However, there is a surge in popularity of Kratom plant in the West. It is important for you to know the different types of kratom strains if you are an enthusiast of kratom plant or you have just started using kratom plant. However, if you do not have access to the right information you will have a hard time understanding the different types of kratom strains. Nowadays, misleading and confusing information has flooded the internet hence you cannot rely on everything you find on it. However, this article will provide you with accurate information of the different types of kratom strains.

Kratom is a tree that is evergreen and it belongs to coffee family scientifically. The medicinal properties that Kratom has are due to the presence of alkaloids. Nowadays, the wellness and daily health routines of most people involve the use of kratom. Promoting happiness, relieving pain and increasing energy are some of the things that Kratom is used for. Before being sold Kratom leaves are processed and converted into capsules, extracts or powder. The properties of the alkaloids found in Kratom leaves are antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and pain relief.

Kratom veins are Green, White and Red. However, there is a kratom variety which is a blend of the three main Kratom varieties and it is referred to as Yellow Kratom Variety. The defining character for Green, White or Red kratom varieties is the curing process. Kratom strains are dozens. However, I will only describe the top varieties of kratom strains in this article. Green Vein Kratom is the kratom variety that is loved by kratom enthusiasts and newbies. Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Green Vein Borneo are the top strains for Green Vein variety. Green Maeng Da is best for increasing energy and pain relief because of its alkaloid qualities. People who are new to the use of Kratom products are best served by the Green Malay strain and this is because it has milder effects. Green Vein Borneo is euphoric and energizing hence suited for people in social settings.

White Vein Kratom strongest type of kratom strain and this because it contains higher quantities of alkaloids. Among the three best strains of White Vein Kratom are White Vein Borneo, White Sandai and White Kapuas. There is no difference between White Vein Borneo and Green Vein Borneo; therefore, it is used for uplifting and energizing. White Sandai is balanced and also more energizing but it is a new Kratom strain. As for Red Vein Kratom Red Maeng Da, Red Betuangie and Red Sumatra are the best strains. As for Yellow Vein Kratom Yellow Vein Sumatra and Yellow Maeng Da are the best strains.

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