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Reasons Why Oral Gallium Nitrate is Effective in Treating Navicular Disease in Horses

For those wondering what navicular disease is, it attacks horses and results in pain and bone problems, which can make the horse become numb and lame. The navicular bone in horses is located behind the coffin bone of the foot. It is supported by tendons and ligaments. The main function of the navicular bone is to protect the tendons and joints of a horse from concussive forces and pressure. There are several classical treatments that many people use to treat navicular horses, but all those are not effective enough as many people report occasional lameness or numbness in their horses. The right and the most effective treatment of navicular diseases in horses is gallium nitrate, and to be precise, the oral gallium nitrate. Here are reasons why many research articles and medical reports support the use of this medication to navicular horses.

The first reason is eliminating pain. After navicular disease attacks a horse, the foot of the horse becomes painful. The pain is extreme to the point where the horse cannot stand most of the time. This means that as long as your horse has this disease, you will not be able to ride on it. By giving the horse oral gallium nitrate, you will be helping the horse cure the navicular disease. As soon as the disease is cured, the horse will be able to get on its feet, and you will be able to ride on it. Accordingly, pain is not good for the animal; the act of administering the oral medicine to the horse helps you relieve the horse from the anguish it is going through.

Oral gallium nitrate helps get rid of lameness in horses. One of the effects of navicular diseases in horses is causing lameness. A lame horse cannot even walk, let alone you being able to ride it. If the disease becomes more severe, it may result in the lameness becoming more severe. At this point, the horse will not even be able to stand, and as time goes, the lameness may become even permanent. Luckily, the lameness will go away by just administering oral gallium nitrate to the horse. After some time, the horse will become normal again, healthy, and you can even see it begin walking and running.

Unlike other medications, oral gallium nitrate gets rid of navicular disease permanently. As mentioned in one of the above lines, many forms of medications used to treat navicular horses do not permanently eliminate the issue. After some time, the horse feels pain or experiences lameness. This means that the finances you used to purchase those medications went to waste because you did not see the results you were expecting. However, with oral gallium, you will get different results. Once you purchase it and administer the drugs to the horse according to the prescription given, the horse will heal from pain and lameness. After the disease is gone, it never returns.

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